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Wanderer's Wingman
Wanderer's Wingman

Wanderer's Wingman

Introducing "Wanderer's Wingman" – the quintessential travel companion for the roving soul. This special collection brings together Man Bar's 4 oz hair and body mini bars, perfectly sized for the globetrotter. With a selection of our most captivating scents, this bundle ensures you're never without your favorite Man Bar essentials, no matter where your journey takes you.

What's Included: 

2 Redwood Clove: Embrace the warmth of the woods with the rugged yet inviting scent of redwood clove. This mini bar offers a comforting cleanse reminiscent of a cozy cabin retreat, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate after a day of exploration.

2 Ebony Wood & Coffee: Energize your senses with the rich and robust aroma of ebony wood and coffee. This mini bar invigorates your mind and body, providing a revitalizing shower experience that prepares you for the adventures ahead.

2 Cedar & Sandalwood: Immerse yourself in the earthy and grounding fragrance of cedar and sandalwood. This mini bar captures the essence of the great outdoors, offering a refreshing cleanse that reconnects you with nature, no matter where your travels take you.

Wanderer's Wingman is designed for those who embrace the spirit of adventure and seek to bring the comforts of Man Bar soap along for the ride. Each mini bar in this collection is made with ethically sourced ingredients, ensuring a luxurious and eco-friendly washing experience. With a total of six mini bars, two of each fragrance, this bundle provides a variety of sensory experiences to suit every mood and destination.