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Ingredient Decoder

Food grade acid used for pH balance, also found in citrus fruit.

A cleanser derived from coconut oil.

A synthetic preservative very commonly used in all types of
cosmetics and personal care products due to its high safety scores. This ingredient has no use restrictions, and has no link to cancer, allergies, immunotoxicity, or developmental and reproductive toxicity.

100% natural, highly functional carbohydrate and plant collagen
extracted from already harvested North American larch trees, which grow in abundance in the northwestern U.S.
Extraction is a water-based process only using heat and pressure, not solvents.

A thick, sweet, clear liquid used in making medicines, food, and soap. In our soaps, 100% vegetable glycerin is formed as a result of saponification.

We all know what "fragrance" means, but did you know many of our fragrances contain essential oils? Well, now you do!

This one is a mouthful, but it’s a pretty basic ingredient!
A mild compound naturally sourced from food grade golden barley. It is 100%
gluten free, increases hair strength, and protects it from heat damage.

One of the most widely used and multifunctional components in the world for hair care and other cosmetics. It increases foam and lubricity in hair products and restores luster to hair.

Chelating (binding) agent; pentasodium salt of pentetic acid.
(A "chelator" helps to bind ingredients).

Sodium salt naturally derived from RSPO certified sustainable palm oil.

Sodium salt naturally derived from coconut oil.

A cleanser used in many personal care products such as toothpaste, shampoos, and body washes.

A very commonly used emulsifier in hair & grooming products, creams & lotions, bath products, and other topicals. It can serve as a cleansing agent, and it can stabilize and thicken solutions to achieve a more uniform texture for a smoother application.

Purified salt to help thicken our products.

Chelating (binding) agent; one of the salts of etidronic acid.
(A "chelator" helps to bind ingredients).