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Silver Sage & Bergamot Trio
Silver Sage & Bergamot Trio

Silver Sage & Bergamot Trio

Silver Sage & Bergamot Trio: A Refreshing Escape

Introducing the "Silver Sage & Bergamot Trio" – a refreshing collection thoughtfully designed for the discerning gentleman who values clarity and invigoration in his grooming routine. This exclusive bundle combines the crisp, herbal notes of silver sage with the bright, citrusy accents of bergamot, creating an uplifting sensory experience.

What's Included:

Man Bar 10oz Soap Bar: Refresh your senses with the vibrant blend of silver sage and bergamot. This large, invigorating bar offers a clean, quick rinse without any residue, providing a luxurious lather that rejuvenates the skin and awakens the mind.

Cologne Mist: Perfectly complementing the soap bar, this cologne mist reinforces the herbal and citrus notes, ensuring that the fresh, clean scent lingers throughout your day, enhancing your natural allure.

2-in-1 Hair Wash: Elevate your hair care routine with this dual-action formula that cleanses and conditions. Infused with the same crisp scents of silver sage and bergamot, it leaves your hair and scalp feeling refreshed and lightly fragranced.

Offered at an exceptional value of $40, the "Silver Sage & Bergamot Trio" allows you to save $7 off the retail price. This bundle is not merely a purchase but an investment in refining your daily grooming practices.