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Premier Pairing Bundle
Premier Pairing Bundle

Premier Pairing Bundle

The Man Bar Premier Paring Bundle: A Symphony of Scents

Dive into the heart of sophistication with the Man Bar Essentials Bundle, your all-in-one solution to a refined grooming experience. This exclusive collection features our four most beloved fragrances, each masterfully crafted to invigorate your senses and transform your daily routine into a ritual of luxury. Available in both our signature 10oz bars and versatile 2-in-1 hair washes, this bundle is designed for the discerning man who values the essence of quality and distinction.

Exotic Musk & Sandalwood - Mystical elegance with deep Sandalwood and warm Musk.

Midnight Amber - Smooth amber with a sophisticated, comforting night essence.

Silver Sage & Bergamot - Crisp Sage and fresh Bergamot for a rejuvenating burst.

Spiced Tobacco - Bold Tobacco with spicy notes for the adventurous gentleman.

Picking up the Man Bar Premier Pairing Bundle means you're getting our four best scents in both the 10oz bars and 2-in-1 hair washes, all for just $66. Yep, you heard that right. Normally, you'd be looking at dropping $88 for all these, but with this bundle, you're pocketing a cool $22 in savings. So, it's not just about the unbeatable scents you're bringing home; it's about snagging a sweet deal while you're at it.